I started a blog so I could vent some of the thoughts rolling around inside my head, I don’t really know where to start or what to say for that matter, so i’ll just jump in the deep end.

As I’m getting on in years I’m starting relise a few untruths, like things don’t get easier the older/wiser you are, things don’t make more sense, for that matter they make less sense, trying to truely understand things is like looking for the holy grail, it’s somthing that should really be left a whip wielding movie character. Or is it a part of life not to understand things?


Is the main thing I’m trying to understand, I’m starting to get bitter & I don’t like it, as much as I fight it, I’m starting to think, you are truely alone, no one sees the world the same way as you, no one has been through the same hardships as you, no one can truely feel the pain you feel. of couse this could all be just in my mind this could just be the thoughts of one slightly warped individual.