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Thoughts on regret.

How can people honestly say “I have no regrets”? I’m lying here thinking about all my regrets, all the bad things i’ve said & done, all the opportunitys i’ve let slip by, I know there’s nothing I can do to change what i’ve done, I can only hope to learn from my mistakes & move forward, if i am aware of this, then why am I still lying here wide awake, trying to beat the wall in a staring contest? I’m warming to idea of “ignorance is bliss” or maybe all I need is an off button for my brain.


Thoughts on life.

Life is a war, there’s victory & defeat, win or lose it goes on all around you, with or without you. You may lose a fight, but that dosn’t mean you’ve lost the war, it’s the strugles we go through that define us, you wouldn’t be who you are today without the hardships of your past. all you can strive to achieve, is victory in all aspects of life & never get daunted by your defeats, we can’t afford to live in the past.