(I couldn’t sleep again, so i wrote this little ditty, any feed back is good feed back?)

Phoenix are mythological creatures that are said, to retain the great magical power of reincarnation, from the ashes of their own outrages, brilliant, spectacular & border lining on flamboyant fiery deaths, they are born as new. Do we dare to think of the pain this poor, yet ever so graceful, bird, to be in a never ending cycle? To and always just be? No hope of ever moving on from it’s own fiery doom. To also think, we as humans, lesser beings in caparison, idolise this flying ball of fire for it’s strength, resilience & down right determination just to keep living it’s life. Are we but naive fools? To be unable to comprehend the sheer woe of eternity… The fact that all story’s are based on some truth, no matter how random, or ridiculous. for instants, the Phoenix from the first story ever told about a burning bird, might of fact been just that! A bed time story told to a child, a joke told around a campfire while something bird related was cooking, or then again, someone, somewhere, might of seen a real Phoenix, flying, proudly fully ablaze! So therefor, the first story, about the first Phoenix ever seen by the human eye, has been around so long that it has become a myth. Also remember that these magnificent creatures of legend never truly die, they might still be out there, even still in this day & age, Never give up, never give in for we aren’t as lucky as the Phoenix, we don’t have the luxury of eternity.